Yeah! We made it to Day 4

Walking 1.5 miles

We went for a walk at another one of our favorite local trail this afternoon. It was nice and balmy. This trail went around the lake with a bit of 122 elevation ft gain at one part of the loop.

Cloudy Thursday

All morning long I kept looking out the window hoping to see some sunshine. It’s nowhere to be found so we went out for our short walk in the late afternoon.

Walking 1.07 mile
The cloud was spectacular!

For dinner, we made Swedish meatballs following the instruction and recipe from the Rootitoot cookbook. It’s delicious!

How’s your day?

Day 2: walking 1.36 miles

After we stopped at the post office, we went for a short walk at the Columbia river renaissance trail. It’s another one of my regular running route. The trail connects to downtown and waterfront and to Marine park and Wintler park. This route is the gem of Southwest Washington.

Another gorgeous view of Mt Hood. 🏔

30 days – one mile a day

As I am on a rehab journey for sprained ankle, I want to commit to something small each day. It may not sounds like a lot but I believe small increments and consistency can have powerful impact on mind and body.

Day 1: walking 1.32 miles. 30:23 minutes.

Here’s to the first day of December. I am starting “30 days of one mile a day.” My goal is to walk a minimum of one mile. The longer is the better.

I have been busy

I have been playing, doodling, experimenting in this sketchbook. There is no plan for what goes on the page. I just do whatever comes to mind. It’s been fun and freeing. Not all the pages are done. I will go back and add something to them later: line, collage, or whatever I feel like it.

It’s an experiment.